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Could this be true? Is MARVEL STUDIOS really not gonna have a presence at Comic-Con this year?! I find this hard to understand considering all of the movie plans they have for the next several years. Could some of the movie execs really be HYDRA agents?! It's the only thing that makes sense. DAMN YOU RED SKULL!!!!
So what does this mean for us, the fans? Well let us not confuse MARVEL Studios with MARVEL COMICS. Yes, there will still be a MARVEL presence at Comic-Con. MARVEL STUDIOS is not the only one making MARVEL movies. Did we forget about X-Men: Age of Apocalypse or the Fantastic Four reboot? You did? Well never mind then. As hard as it is to believe, they do more than just movies people. What about the small screen and the upcoming NETFLIX shows they have planned? We still get a chance to see and meet all our favorite writers and artists who work on the books we know and love. With several projects in the PC and gaming world, not to mention their mobile APPS, I'm sure they will have something for all that as well. Not much has been announced yet, but it's only a matter of time till we hear about all the great panels MARVEL will have lined up for us. Breaking into comics the "MARVEL" way is always a popular one.

Unfortunately this news has brought out the worst in some. It hurts my heart to read comments like "I'm glad I didn't get tickets this year" or "MARVEL's not gonna be there, good who needs 'em?" Was that really the only reason why you wanted to go to the biggest show around? Just to see the latest test footage or gawk at the latest Avengers cast? Come on! Look, I get that there are some out there that don't even like MARVEL but "Who needs em?" We do! The rivalry between MARVEL and DC has spawned great stories and characters that we love all because these two giants are constantly wanting to outdo each other. FANBOYS please before you HULK out and SMASH the Interwebs with your comments of RAGE, remember, there's more to MARVEL than just movies.

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