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The Art Of Mutilating Plastic People For The Greater Good.

Action figure customizing is the art of creating, modifying or rebuilding action figures.  You can do this for the purpose of making characters that the evil toy companies won't touch or even improving existing figures. You can do those things by switching around parts, sculpting parts and/or painting them.  This is a hobby I was really in to a few years ago. I use to make them for myself or to sell on Ebay and I would even take commissions for people.  I wasn't as good as a lot of people out there but I tried to have my own style with it.

There was also really cool communities of people that are also into customizing, like Figurerealm.com and the Fwoosh forums. Both of those places have people that are knowledgeable about customizing and they were very supportive in helping me learn what I know.

 Being a customizer also makes you a different kind of collector. Instead of crying about Hasbro not making Earth X Captain America you are excited they haven't so that you can do it your self. Instead of being excited about a new White Iron Fist coming out, you are excited about a white base body so you can make a classic Karnak without paint rub. Or instead of being mad that your Black Series Luke Skywalker doesn't have a paint wash, you are excited to try out your new washes and dry brush technique on a new fantastic sculpt.  You also kind of go from sounding like nerdy collector, to sounding like a deranged Dr. Frankenstein type of psychopath when you make comments like "all I need is the head, the body is useless", like I did when I saw the DC Direct Aquaman.

I recently posted a couple of my old customs eBay.  I sold my Drax, Triton and Ghost.  I didn't really mind selling Ghost but it hurt getting rid of the others. Drax sold for more then I expected though, so that was cool. I made them for myself and they've been on my shelf for a couple of years now, but Mezco Batman was coming out and sacrifices had to be made.

What was cool though, is that I  was contacted by a lot of people that were familiar with my customs and wanted me to do commissions. So the fact that people were still actually into my customs made me very happy and kinda reignited the fire to make them again. With that being said, I have started on a few new customs and I've taken a few new commissions. I am excited to post them here on the blog and see what people think. Thanks for reading!


**all of these customs are a few years old but I will be posting new ones soon.

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  1. Very nice customs, I'm surprised you haven't started doing this for a living.

    1. Haha I wish I could. Thanks for checking it out son.


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