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Custom Marvel Legends Style Gorgon and Triton of the Inhumans Royal Family

Marvel Knights: The Inhumans What's up everyone? I am here to show you a couple of customs I made recently.  If you read my last post about customs, you know that I haven't been able to put a lot of time into customizing for the last couple of years but that's about to change. Here I have two customs I would like to share with you,  Marvel Legends Style Triton and Gorgon from Marvel's Inhumans Royal Family.  I have always been a huge fan of the Inhumans.  I really liked that they were a family but all very different from each other and I was always fond of the strange powers each of them have.  It's nice to see all the attention they are getting these days but to be honest, it feels kind of forced and generally not very exciting. A lot of people say Marvel is trying to have them replace mutants because Fox blah blah rights blah blah.  Those kinds of conversations make it difficult for me to enjoy this new Inhuman uprising, I always liked the fact the Inhumans were kind of like Marvel's hidden eccentric treasure. With all that said,  I really enjoyed the Uncanny Inhumans comic that recently came out. It is definitely hard to hate on a Blackbolt VS King the Conquerer no matter how you look at it.  You should check that out for some great Blackbolt action.  One of my favorite Inhumans stories is the Marvel Knights Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee. It is a really interesting story about the Inhumans and their culture, it almost feels like a documentary. You can pick that up here...Marvel Knights:The Inhumans

Let's start off with Gorgon.  It seems like he is pretty much always drawn different, unless we are talking about his Kirby days. He is the General of the Inhumans army,  cousin to Blackbolt and the royal family's resident hot head.  I didn't really go with any specific look for him with this custom, but I would say this custom is somewhere between his Marvel Knights look and his War Of the Kings look.

He was made using Ajani Goldmane from the Funko Legacy: Magic the Gathering(pictured above) figure as a base. The figure was really easy to work with. The plastic was pretty soft so I was able to cut the unwanted details off with very little effort and sanding. For his head I used the Despro Collect and Connect DC Universe figure. All of the other details were sculpted using Aves fixit.  I am a little unhappy with how the paint came out but I can live with it.  Some of the paint I was using had been sitting around for a few years and was not very smooth.  I do plan on making a more classic version of him using the same base.
Now on to Triton.  He is also Blackbolts cousin and he is Karnaks brother. Aside from Blackbolt, I would have to say that Triton is my favorite Inhuman and to tell you the truth, I am not even sure why.  I really like the fact that he is kind of a freak amongst freaks and he aways seems like a bit of an outcast in a society of outcasts.  Plus he's green and pinkish/purple, that's always a plus in the Marvel Universe.
I did a little sculpting on his chest, legs and arms to make it look like he has scales.
I tried to do a lot of modifying on the Bullseye head. I really dislike being able to tell where the heads on customs came from.
For Triton I used Cyclops from the Jubilee build a figure wave as a base. I used Bullseye's head and Bucky-Caps boots.  The rest of the details are sculpted. I really enjoyed making him mostly because I like to use green and purple.
Thanks for checking  out my customs.  Feel free to leave feedback good or bad.  Check out this video for a quick look at the articulation.


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