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BiG Nasty's Got Issues: 4/22/15 - Convergence - The Flash #1

Written by: Dan Abnett

Published by: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

"Barry?...Maybe this time it's a marathon, not a sprint."

Convergence has taken over my life. I didn't want it to be this way, but I have bought into the madness. Okay, maybe I'm lying. I was pretty excited when hearing of this massive event spanning all of DC's comic book universes. However, I didn't expect it to be this far-reaching. Much of the ongoing story lines and universes are ones I am very unfamiliar with. Being sort of a n00b to the whole comic book game, I have a very limited amount of information and back story on them. So for any future Convergence reviews I do, I will be taking the position of someone who has no idea what the hell has been going on in all these multiple universes. That won't be too hard considering that's the exact position I'm in!

What I've enjoyed the most so far of this whole Convergence madness is that you really feel the chaotic nature of the circumstances at hand. Every story from these past 3 weeks has taken place right before Telos' voice rings loud throughout the multiverse as he communicates to the lesser beings that they will fight to the death until one city stands. The reason I chose to review The Flash this week is because I think it shines a light on the struggle the heroes have gone through being powerless and lost under the dome.

I can imagine it being pretty damn demoralizing for the "Fastest Man Alive" to not only jog alongside the common people, but to be outrun by them. Barry Allen clings to the hopes that everything will turn back to normal. He'll get his powers back, he'll be with Iris West again, and that things will just go back to the way they used to be. Yet, there is a part of him that is trying to grasp the concept that this new life they lead is the way it will be forever. It's been a year under the dome and nobody has any clue who did it, why they did it, or how they will fix it. All he does now is run and work. 

Later that day, he meets with his universe's Bruce Wayne, and it seems more like a therapy session than a lunch between friends. As Barry leaves to return to the Gotham City Police Department where he works, the voice familiar to Convergence readers booms across the dome. "CITIZENS OF MY WORLD! NOW IS THE TIME! THE HOUR IS NEAR! JUDGMENT IS HERE!" Suddenly, Barry feels the power of the Speed Force surges through his body once again, and hope is still alive.

The art in this book is beautiful too. It's probably been my favorite art so far out of all these Convergence titles to come out. Federico Dallocchio did a fantastic job illustrating this version of Gotham City, and colorist Veronica Gandini really made the scenery pop.

There is a great resource for those of you who don't feel like reading 11 titles a week in order to keep up with this event. the DCR Podcast has been covering every Convergence title in a very entertaining way, If you don't want to read every issue, just plug in your headphones and let these guys give you a rundown of what's going on! Their episodes recapping the week usually come out a couple days after the comics so keep your eye out for that.

I'd also like to say, thanks for being patient with me. Last week I wasn't able to get a review up due to my work and school load. 60 hour weeks are killer and schoolwork and homework on top of that make it very hard for me to do the things I enjoy so thanks for still checking in! Do me a favor and check out my podcast on iTunes and Stitcher and if you could, leave a quick little rating and review! You guys are the shit!

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