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Action Figure Appreciation: 10th Anniversary Spawn

10th Anniversary Spawn.
If you were a comic or action figure fan in the 90's you could not escape the invasion of Spawn and McFarland toys. Along with the comics, there was a Spawn movie and a TV Show on HBO.
They had the best sculpted figures around and those damn things use to be everywhere, it was great. I remember even buying a pack of Spawn figures from Costco back then. To this day MacFarlane Toys is still putting out a bunch of dope stuff like the Walking Dead, Assassin's Creed and Halo lines.
Spawn was the most popular Image Character back then, but around 2002-2003 the figures of him became less popular, at least to me they did. They still looked great but I wasn't interested in figures with almost no articulation. That brings us to the 10th Anniversary Spawn figure, and in my opinion, THE best Spawn figure ever made.

He was released in 2002, in a series that also featured Savage Dragon, Ripclaw and Shadowhawk. All of them featured highly detailed sculpts but for the most part they were statues...except for Spawn. Spawn featured enough articulation to rival Marvel Legends and it had the sculpt fans had come to expect from McFarland products.
 For the most part, the joints are useful and well hidden. He has pivoting and swiveling ankles, double jointed knees, thigh cuts, T joint hips, single jointed elbows with good range of motion, wrist swivels and joints, all the good stuff. His abdomen has a crunch joint and a swiveling joint, allowing him to get into really good hunched over poses.

 The only part of the articulation set up I thought was strange was the shoulders. The arm piece only goes up and down and plugs into a shoulder joint that swings back and fourth. His arms pretty much can not go out to his sides.
He comes with his signature cape that has cuts in places that still allow you to pose him without it getting in the way. He has a real chain that connects to the skull on his waist and comes with a crucifix that you can pose him on.
This is an awesome figure and I wish they made more figures like this. I would have loved to have Redeemer to go with Mr. Simmons . I wasn't the biggest Image fan back then but I did like Spawn and I'm happy to have it in my collection.

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  1. Dope article, they need to remake spawn movie. Venom > Spawn


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