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Random Review: Black Science, Volume 1: How To Fall Forever By Rick Remender

Black Science, Volume 1: How To Fall Forever

Rick Remender is an incredible writer known for his series Fear Agent and his fantastic run on Uncanny X-Force. Black Science is a Sci-Fi series he is currently doing through Image Comics, with art provided by Matteo Scalera and Dean White. This volume collects issues 1-6. The story centers around Grant McKay and his group of scientists that have created a machine called the Pillar, which is able to punch holes through dimensional walls. They unwillingly get sent jumping through different dimensions, with no control over where they will be transported. To make matters worse, Grants kids have accidentally been dragged along for the ride and someone in the group has sabotaged the Pillar. During the travels the group encounters an array of strange creatures like frog people, fish people, robo indians and white apes. Grant isn't what you would call the hero type, he is actually a complete asshole. You lean towards sympathizing with him because he definitely feels bad about it, but he can't help it. There is a lingering sense of distrust and resentment within the group. Between Grants kids being angry with his shortcomings as a father and the man who financed the Pillar wanting it to fail, their is a lot of tension.  The action is fast paced and exciting from the first page to the last, and Matteo and White do a great job of creating bizarre and colorful atmospheres in each of the dimensions.  You can definitely tell the story and art are heavily influenced by those old pulp science fiction novels. I highly recommend checking this book out. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading Vol.2, which just recently came out.

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