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There is no Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Neca recently released Planet of the Apes figures based on the original films and they are fantastic . I was only able to pick up Dr.Zaius(series 2), General Ursus (series 2) and Cornelius (series 1). I picked up Ceaser from The Dawn Of The Apes series and I was very happy with it, but still I wasn't interested in the classic  line until I saw them in person. Once I saw them with my own eyes I was obsessed. 

Let's start with Ursus,  my least favorite of the bunch, but that doesn't mean he isn’t still an awesome figure. He comes with 1 extra hand, a hand gun and a machine gun. The guns are really nice,they are smooth and without much detail exactly like the films. The sculpting on the armor is very well done. The chest piece is a plastic overlay on top of the figure but you are still able to get a little torso movement.The only thing I thought was kinda wack about Ursus is his face,the sculpting is really good but it looks like he is smiling and looks a little goofy.

Next is Dr.Zaius the Minister Of Science. Although both of them looked good, I went with the series 2 version instead of series 1 because I felt like the long coat fit the character better then the short one.
                      Dr.Zaius only comes with a cane but really that is all he needs.

 Finally, we have Cornelius one of the 2 apes that have a soft spot for those damn dirty humans. Cornelius is my favorite of the bunch.
                                    I can't wait to pick up Zira to be able to put them together.


I am not a huge fan of all the Planet of the Apes movies, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to fill my shelves with  these things. They look awesome together and I can't wait until I can pick up more of them.




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