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My First Figma Experience

I have been curious about Figma figures for a long time, but I have never been interested in the characters they make.  The main reason being, I am unfamiliar with pretty much all Anime stuff and that's mostly what they do.  The Metroid and Link they released look really really great but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger until they came out with The Avengers.  

Captain America is one of my favorite  characters so I started with him.  I heard a lot of negative things about Figma Cap but I thought it looked good so I went for it.  I see a lot of complaints about Figma joints and scale.  As far as the joints are concerned they function well,  although at times they look goofy, but with Cap it is hardly noticeable.  The only place they look funny is behind the knees, but who really cares about that? As for scale, this guy will not really fit in with Marvel Legends, Universe or Select. He is just under 6 inches, so he will just have to hang out alone until I pick up Thor and Iron Man.  Although, since he has an animated look to him, he does look pretty cool with Marvel Legends 2-Pack Hulk.

A thing that is really nice about Figma is all the accessories they include with the figure.  Cap comes with multiple sets of hands and a nice stand that fits snug into his back which supports him in various poses. 

He also has articulated eyes and a tool used to move his eye balls around. This is something that seems unnecessary, but is really fun and very appreciated. 

 Another stand out thing about this figure is how nice and clean he looks. The paint does not feel like it can be scratched or chipped off in any way.  The paint application is perfect on the body,  the only paint improvement that could have been made is giving more details to the eyes.

The only thing I absolutely hate about the figure is the shield, it is nicely painted and a great looking shield, but the way the straps work is ridiculous. They clip on around the arms but fit very loose, so when posing the figure, they have a hard time staying in place. 

Overall,  I think it is a really nice figure and I am happy to have it in my collection. I would like to see them take a stab at Deadpool,  I think they would really kill it.  

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  1. Figma figures looks dope, is this the first marvel line they did?

  2. They have also done Thor and Iron Man. Thanks for reading.


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